Michael Schneider

I'm a German software developer in San Francisco currently working as a iOS engineer in the Core Experience team at Pinterest.

I'm mostly interested in programming languages, software architecture and development for the Mac or iOS and web. I also love to make all kinds of Sport activities or go for a hike.

Previously I worked for Pocket and was mainly responsible for development of the popular “save for later” iOS and Mac app.

While working on Pocket for iOS and Pocket for Mac, I also worked on the Pocket Chrome App, Pocket Browser Extensions as well as contributed code to the Mozilla Firefox browser for the native Pocket Firefox integration.

Since January 2013 I have a degree in business informatics from the Hochschule Ulm, University of Applied Science.

In 2012, I worked as an intern for Cultured Code on the delightful task manager Things Mac 2.0.

Besides study, I wrote Read Later (formally ReadNow) the first Pocket and Instapaper client for the Mac as well as worked from 2009 to 2010 for TRANSPOREON as a web developer.

Before study I did a professional education as a industrial manager by Liebherr Werk Biberach GmbH. After my professional education I worked there as a software engineer.

Occasionally I write something over at Medium.

If you'd like to get in touch or learn more from me, feel free to send me an email, follow me on Twitter or visit my GitHub page.